Linda Duff
Linda Duff
Helping Change Makers Make It Happen


This is a fascinating and liberating journey of self-discovery. Linda has a range of techniques and processes to suit individual requirements, and she is flexible enough to vary the techniques when required.

I found that completing this process helped me to think much more clearly about my career direction, identify where my true passion lay, and resolve long-standing blocks to success.

Linda is an excellent facilitator of this work: she is always respectful, empathetic and trustworthy. Though the work can open up some emotionally-sensitive areas, I always felt comfortable that I could explore these areas with Linda safely and in complete confidence.

I strongly recommend this work with Linda Duff to anyone who wants to achieve their full creative potential in whatever field they have chosen.
— J. C. Project Co-ordinator, NZ.

I started working with Linda when I was at a crossroads with my business and was having trouble making decisions. I had lost touch with my ability to feel what was right for me. After just one session, I gained the clarity I was looking for and much more besides. She guided me back to feeling my emotions rather than analysing them and I feel much lighter and clearer as a result.

Linda’s gentle, assured approach put me immediately at ease, and made the work we did together enjoyable as well as effective. I would recommend Linda to anyone who is feeling stuck and wanting to move forward to a bigger and better experience of life.
— Natasha Hawtrey-Woore
Natasha working on her restaurant design business. 

Natasha working on her restaurant design business. 

I feel like I have finally ‘met’ myself. Life has a way of providing what you need at exactly the right time. I had moved to Dunedin with my partner Geoff and set myself up as a freelance travel writer. Trying to write creatively and run a business as a sole trader was challenging and Linda helped me on this incredibly emotional journey.

Since working with Linda I feel like I have finally ‘met’ myself. It was the first time that I have been part of such a collaborative process and incredibly intimate journey into my own mind.

Linda never ‘told’ me what to do, and it was my answers to carefully crafted questions that helped me resolve my own issues. The guided meditation then facilitated me putting ‘issues’ to rest and focusing on how to move forward with my life.

I explored memories and aspects of my life which have previously been an absolute ‘no go’ zones. I went as far as I needed to go, and in one session, that was to an extremely dark place. Linda calmly helped me through the situation and supported me through the journey.

I have never felt that ‘safe’ before and I never felt judged. I could say what needed to be said and be totally honest with myself, which was a somewhat frightening process in itself.

The benefits of working through this process have been so powerful that they are hard to quantify. The process gave me a tremendous amount of clarity about who I am and who I want to be in the future. In particular, it helped me remove the barrier like road blocks that I had set up in my own mind.

Knowing myself better has allowed me to take my personal relationships to a deeper level and develop stronger professional relationships.

After each session I talked through the notes with my partner Geoff. He now understands me better and has shared things about himself which have brought us even closer together. I have also learned to set my own personal boundaries with my family and friends and not get caught up in other people’s dramas.

Linda is an incredibly beautiful person in every sense of the word. I found her calm, generous and non-judgmental – an almost forgotten quality in today’s crazy world.

I would recommend working with her to anyone who is a being that has human moments. Regardless of whether you are working for someone else, starting your own business or getting ready to retire, Linda can help you live your own potential and create order in your own mind even when the world is completely chaotic.
— S.B. Company Director, NZ

I found Linda extremely empathetic, insightful and focused. She helped me first to isolate the issues I needed to work on, particularly around marketing my books, and then to develop new and more effective strategies and understandings. I felt she was really ‘there’ with me as I made these positive changes to my life.
— Neil del Strother