Linda Duff
Linda Duff
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The short answer to how my sessions work is that it is a "coaching" format, and we work together just as much with the way you think as your actions and goals. My sessions are completely tailored to each individual, their needs and vision. After our first consultation session, I put together a plan for you to ensure the best outcome possible for you. I do this by drawing on my extensive experience in a range of practises focused on the psychology of change and learning, finding inner clarity and working through life traumas that may be a road block to success. I am a certified Practitioner with many years’ experience of: The Journey; Accredited Coach Visionary Leadership; Soul Voice Method; Reiki; Massage; NLP; Ayurveda; Organic Nutrition; Universal Healing; Open Learning Method.

The first consultation is free, to ensure we are on the same page and will work together productively. 

To book in a consultation, contact me here:

Phone: +44 7771566003