Linda Duff
Linda Duff
Helping Change Makers Make It Happen

Coaching Change Makers.

find clarity, meaning and make deep change in yourself so you can lead the change for a higher functioning future. 

I work with individuals to foster change in their own lives by going through a series of processes to find and keep inner clarity, work through fears or limitations set by traumatic life events and challenge limiting thought processes that could be engrained. The result is a clear and peaceful mind where you can take hold of success, work steadily towards the change you wish to see in the world and gain a level of truth beyond the limitations you may have previously set for yourself.

My wonderful clients are at various cornerstone life points and want some additional support to keep them on track to fulfil their vision of the world in a way that aligns with their vision of the world and the change they wish to make in it.  

As a lifetime learner with an extensive background in Applied Biology, Politics BA (Hons), IT, Business and Adult Teaching, I work with not only those seeking to make deep change within themselves and own career, but those striving to change the world for a higher functioning future collectively. 

For decades I have worked in a range of personal development practises focused on the psychology of change and learning, finding inner clarity and working through life traumas that may be a road block to success.

I am a certified Practitioner with many years’ experience of: The Journey; Accredited Coach Visionary Leadership; Soul Voice Method; Reiki; Massage; NLP; Ayurveda; Organic Nutrition; Universal Healing; Open Learning Method.

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Phone: +44 777 1566 003

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